MAO Annual Meeting

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An A-to-Z HR Update for Minnesota Orthodontic Practices.

Managing employees within the confines of ever-changing state and federal laws has never been more critical or difficult than it is now, in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

CEDR’s Director of Compliance Jennie McLaughlin joins Founder and CEO Paul Edwards to update you on all things HR. These HR Gurus will bring a mix of technical HR updates and team management guidance, ranging from things like writing policies for practical solutions, to what may be challenging you at the time of the presentation.

Jennie and Paul will draw directly from the more-than 19,000 HR solution requests that CEDR received and resolved over the course of 2020 alone.

They will provide lots of opportunities to ask questions, so bring your toughest HR challenges and try to stump the experts!

During this course, you’ll learn:

  • - How to manage during the COVID pandemic.
  • - How Minnesota-specific employment laws apply to you.
  • - How the presidential election could impact your business.
  • - How to protect your business when handling common HR issues.
  • - How to coach and discipline employees effectively and legally.

Don’t miss this chance to take an HR deep-dive that will help you run your business in a way that supports your team, protects your practice, and puts more money in your pocket.

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Paul Edwards is the CEO and Founder of CEDR HR Solutions, HR Vault software, and the Facebook group, HR Base Camp. CEDR is a leading provider of on-demand HR support for dental practices of all sizes and specialties across the United States.

With over 25 years of experience as a manager and business owner, Paul is well-known throughout the dental and health care community for his expertise when it comes to helping owners and managers effectively solve HR Issues. He and his team of HR Experts specialize in helping dentists successfully handle employee issues and safely navigate the complex and ever-changing employment law landscape across all 50 states.

He is also a featured writer for The Profitable Dentist, Dentistry IQ, and Dentaltown among many other publications. He is a contributor to the ADA‘s GPS program and regularly speaks at dental seminars, conferences, and CE courses across the country.

You can check out his blog and podcast channel at


Jennie is an attorney licensed in Arizona and Pennsylvania. Jennie’s legal background of handling employment discrimination claims and wage payment issues contributes to her ability to assist CEDR members in avoiding the conflicts that lead to litigation. She also manages CEDR’s Compliance Department, which keeps a finger on the pulse of employment law changes, additions and ruling across the country so CEDR can keep its members up to date at all times. When she’s not helping CEDR members, she plays referee to her two miniature poodle mixes, Mopsy and Benjamin.

Dr. Christian Groth

Dr. Groth graduated from Emory University in Atlanta and received his dental and orthodontic training at the University of Michigan. As a lifelong technology enthusiast, he brought this passion into his orthodontic practice, where he is a partner with TDR Orthodontics, and commercial 3D printing laboratory, Motor City Lab Works. Dr. Groth is a diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics and is an adjunct clinical professor at the University of Michigan where he teaches digital orthodontics. He serves as an advisor for several companies and lectures nationally and international. He is published on digital orthodontic systems, the use and integration of intraoral scanners, and 3D printers in the orthodontic practice.

Tracy Martin

Tracy Martin is the founder and lead consultant of Straight Consulting. Growing up in ortho, having held every position over the course of 15+ years, in offices ranging from start-ups to multi-practice/multi-doctor and DSO, Tracy is passionate about the business of orthodontics. When she’s not speaking at regional and national conferences, interviewing ortho luminaries on her Straight Talk series, or hosting Straight Consulting’s signature TC Mastery Course, she can be found on the road, in offices throughout the U.S. and Canada. Tracy’s mission is to put a millennial twist on traditional practice consulting and lead the development of next generation ortho teams.