2015 MSO Ad Interim Board Meeting Highlights

Midwestern Society of Orthodontists Top 10

March 20 - 21 • St. Louis, MO


1) While others were focused on the “sweet 16” during March madness, there were seventeen MSO officers, directors and 2015 AAO delegation members focused on the orthodontic profession March 20 – 21 at the MSO Ad Interim Board Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri. The meeting was held Friday at the American Association of Orthodontists Headquarters, concluding with a half-day meeting Saturday at the Hilton Frontenac.


2) MSO President Deb Lien brought a taste of Minnesota to the Board meeting to “whet their appetite” for the 2015 MSO Annual Session to be held in her hometown of Rochester, Minnesota October 9 - 10. Members are encouraged to bring their staff team for this unique meeting format featuring a combined doctor/staff program Friday with medical highlighted topics from Mayo Clinic Consultants. On Saturday, University of Minnesota specialists will speak to doctors on a variety of orthodontic topics and a separate all day staff lecture will be presented by highly-requested consultant Amy Kirsch. Go to www.msortho.org for information or watch for the registration brochure by mail soon.


3) The 2015 MSO Earl E. Shepard Distinguished Service Award will be presented to Dr. John Kanyusik during the MSO Annual Member Business Meeting in Rochester October 10. The MSO Board was honored to approve the Shepard Award Committee’s nomination of Dr. Jackie Miller for the 2016 MSO Shepard Award. Go to http://www.msortho.org/About-MSO/Award-Honorees.aspx for a list of award winners and details.


4) MSO Board and Delegation members reviewed and discussed proposed American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) resolutions. MSO is considering potential amendment options to a few resolutions. These members will represent the MSO at the AAO 2015 House of Delegates in May in San Francisco: Drs. Ara Goshgarian - Chair; Deborah Lien - Vice Chair, Ross Crist, Jim Klarsch, Virginia Mennemeyer, Dennis Sommers and Kimberley Stafford; alternates John Kanyusik, Steve Marshall, and Ryan VanLaecken. In addition, the Board charged the Nominating Committee Chair to identify a new and younger member to serve as an additional alternate delegate.


5) Dr. Mark Dake was welcomed to service as the new Missouri Director. The Board approved the nomination committee report to submit these officer nominations for election by the members at the 2015 MSO Annual Member Business Meeting: Dr. Ara Goshgarian as president, Dr. Ginny Mennemeyer as president-elect and Dr. Ryan VanLaecken as secretary-treasurer.


6) The following MSO Trustee Search Committee was appointed to select a candidate to serve as MSO's next Trustee to the AAO: Drs. John Kanyusik, Chair; Jackie Miller, Mike Hipp, Kim Stafford, and Dennis Sommers. MSO will be electing a new AAO Trustee at the 2016 MSO Annual Member Business Meeting as MSO’s current Trustee Dr. Brent Larson moves up the ladder to serve as the 2019 AAO President. Interested candidates should contact: Dr. John Kanyusik kanyusik@hickorytech.net 507.388.2989 (o).


7) ABO President Dr. Paul Castelein announced that Dr. Patrick Foley from Lake Zurich, Illinois was selected as their nominee for the next MSO Director to the ABO. The nomination will be presented to the AAO House of Delegates for confirmation during the 2015 AAO Annual Session. MSO thanks the following MSO leaders for their service on the ABO Director Search Committee to provide four highly-qualified candidates to the ABO for their consideration: Drs. Deb Lien, chair: Paul Castelein, advisor; Ross Crist; Alison Fallgatter; Lee Graber and John Kanyusik.


8) Based on the recommendation of MSO Annual Sessions Committee, the Board approved proceeding with arrangements to hold the 2019 MSO Annual Session doctor-staff program at the Hilton Landing and Branson Convention Center in Branson, Missouri. Dr. Kevin Denis will preside as 2019 MSO president over the meeting.


9) Motions were approved as recommended by the Budget and Finance Committee to rebalance the mutual fund portfolio and change the financial reimbursement policy to allow an extra night’s reimbursement for the Fall MSO Annual Session if needed by MSO officers to attend the Executive Committee meeting prior to the Board meeting.


10) Opportunities to utilize AAO tools of engagement and the AAO Consumer Awareness Program at the pecial presentations. The MSO Strategic Plan was reviewed for sure MSO is meeting member needs. sure MSO is meeting member needs.